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How to find the best shampoo for your hair type.

Buying shampoos can be a confusing endeavor there are hydrating Moisturizing, color-safe, smoothing, strengthening and volumizing shampoos, but which shampoo is best for your hair? The fact is, finding the right shampoo for your hair is key if you want your hair to look its very best. Below we share what sets certain formulas apart and exactly how to find the right shampoo for your hair!

1)what Is Your Hair Type

Before you can find the best shampoo for your hair type you have to determine what your hair type actually is. If you use a hydrating shampoo on fine, thin hair chances are you’ll weigh down your locks. On the flip side, if you use volumizing formula on coarse, curly hair it’s possible you will end up with parched, unruly strands. It’s important to only use formulas that are a fit for your hair type in order to get your best results.

2) Decode Your Shampoo Bottle

There are many types of shampoo to choose from, which is what makes it so difficult to find the right one, but when you know your hair type and how to decode those bottles, it becomes a breeze!

Clarifying Shampoo: These formulas are geared toward removing buildup from your hair, If you use styling products daily, a frequent use shampoo can clear the hair of excess product or oils. They are great for oily and straight hair that needs a deep cleanse, but can be harsh on dry and curly hair as they can strip the strands of hydration.

Hydrating Shampoo: These formulas are ideal for hair that could use a little extra moisture, If you have coarse or naturally textured hair, you’ll want to use a hydrating formula. which is great for adding moisture, shine, and smoothness to hair.

Smoothing Shampoos: Love a good blowout? Who doesn’t? Smoothing or straightening shampoos can coat the hair and make for a smoother look, enrich with extra moisturizers and smoothing agents that help seal the cuticle and provide a great start for straight, smooth and frizz free styles. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair that you like straighten, this could be the formula for you.

Color-Safe Shampoos: If you color your hair, use formulas that have been created for color-treated hair. These shampoos are designed to be gentle on color so that color does not fade quickly.

Volumizing Shampoos: Excellent choice when your hair is fine or limp. If your hair or style needs a boost, a volumizing shampoo can be a great foundation to make hair look fuller. These shampoos are typically lightweight and not as hydrating as other formulas.

Sulfate-Free Shampoos: Sulfates are cleansing agents found in many shampoo formulas that can be damaging to the hair. When shampoo is sulfate-free don’t expect the suds, these agents are responsible for that foamy lather.

Purple Shampoos: Are for blondes that want to keep their hair from developing a brassy tone. you’ll want to invest in a purple tinted shampoo. Used once a week, these shampoos act as toners and help to neutralize warm tones in your hair.

Strengthening/fortifying shampoo: Good for damage, over processed, highlighted, weak or brittle hair. Usually contains extra protein to improve hair's condition.

Don’t Forget to Condition!

To get the most out of your shampoo type, you’ll always want to make sure you follow up with a complementary conditioner. Shampoos regardless of choice—can strip your hair of moisture so you’ll want to condition your hair focusing on the ends after every wash.

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