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Summer Is Hair

Summer Is Officially Here!

How to hydrate your hair in the summer

The same way your skin can become rough and dry with exposure to extreme weather, your hair can also take a beating from environmental agressors. In the summer months, hair can lose its moisture due to UV rays, chlorinated swimming pools, and salty ocean water.The good news is that you can easily hydrate your hair while still enjoying a dip in the pool or a day trip outdoors. Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep your hair hydrated in the heat of summer.

1.Steam Treatment- its healthy way of keeping the hair hydrated especially if you hair is Color treated or Natural, you still need to keep the hair moisturized, the sun can surely dry out your hair. After a steam treatment using a Leave-In like J'Noir Nourishing Hydrating Leave-In will do wonders to the hair

2.Deep Condition-Summer is a great time to up the hydration ante with a deep-conditioning formula. J'Noir Deep Repair Masque

3.Moisturizing Shampoos- An easy way to add a boost of hydration to your hair is with a fortifying shampoo, like J'Noir Intense Hydrating Shampoo.

4.Avoid hot styling tools- Your hair is already exposed to a significant amount of heat during the summer, so why add more? Excess heat can strip your hair of its natural oils and lead to dryness. To help maintain moisture, give the blow-dryer, straightening iron, and curling iron a break. Instead, opt for a natural air-dry

5.Drink Water- Dehydration will not do your body any favors. Stay hydrated from the inside out by drinking the recommended amount of water per day.

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