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9 Curly Hair Essential Tools

When it comes to curly hair having the right products, tools and accessories can make a HUGE difference when you’re starting off your curly hair journey, a lot of work goes in to keeping our curly hair in check. "High maintenance" doesn't even begin to describe the work that goes into curly styles, it takes deep conditioning, setting, and diffusing, not to mention hydrating, moisturizing, and curl defining. And that's on a good day. When it's rainy or humid? Look out. I guarantee you, the phrase "bad hair day" was designed by a woman with curly hair on a hot, humid day. we've gathered up the essential tools and products you need to help you in your pursuit of curly hair perfection.

1) Curl definer- great for keeping unruly curls in place

2) Shine serum-On days when your curls need a little TLC but not a full-blown makeover, mist a shine serum spray or oil,

3) Edge control-For the curly girls who need a little taming at the hairline, try a pomade or edge control wax

4) Wide tooth comb-This can help detangle your curls, comb in conditioner or equally distribute product through your hair.

5) Satin Bonnet- if you want to keep curls healthy, nourished, and intact overnight. Unlike other synthetic materials, satin won’t snag and pull at your hair, creating unwanted friction and split ends.

6) Diffuser– a hair dryer attachment that, when used correctly, helps prevent frizz, maintains natural curl pattern, speeds up drying time, adds volume, and does less heat damage to the hair follicle.

7) Water Bottle-Its continuous spray formula is a must-have for naturals in need of a quick refresher in the morning. This refillable, ultra-fine and continual spray bottle covers large areas of hair to be covered quickly and easily. Styling has never been this easy. The mist will rehydrate dull curls, re-shape, moisturize

8) Detangle Brush-Designed to easily glide through wet or dry hair, The Detangler removes knots and snags for smooth, healthy hair.

9) Frizz Eliminating towel- Fights frizz and decrease drying time.

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