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5 Reasons you should add clarifying shampoo to your daily hair care routine.

Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove stubborn build-up from your hair. Think slippery silicones, waxes, moisturizers or plain old buildup from your regular shampoo, conditioner or styling products (including hair oils, mousses, hairsprays and dry shampoo). Clarifying shampoos also help to lift away mineral deposits from hard water, and the chlorine and other chemicals that stick to hair in a swimming pool. Most regular shampoos are formulated to cleanse gently, with a lower proportion of surfactants (cleaning agents) compared to moisturizing ingredients—which is why they make your hair look and feel shiny and smooth. In comparison, clarifying shampoos are all about the cleaning: they contain fewer conditioning agents, and more surfactants, in order to clean the hair as thoroughly as possible. We have listed 5 reasons below as to why you should start using clarifying shampoo.

1) Remove Hair Product Buildup.

If you love your regular hair products, it's helpful to occasionally use a clarifying shampoo to remove any build-up—especially of silicone-based conditioners and if you use any hairstyling products (even dry shampoo). Since the silicones, waxes and other ingredients coat your strands and build up  over time, they can contribute to duller looking tresses. By using a clarifying Shampoo your hair will feel better (and look better) and your favorite products get to start from a squeaky-clean foundation. Every once in a while, If you use a lot of hair products, you may need to clarify as often as once per week, or once every two to four weeks.

2) To wash away any hard water impurities and chlorine.

Hard water and mineral deposit, chlorine and environmental impurites can all leave scalp buildup over time which can cause dull greasy or limp hair. Clarifying shampoo removes that buildup that cause dull, lifeless hair, and restores hair to a weightless healthy balance. 

3) Pre Hair Color.

Use a clarifying shampoo before getting any hair color service. This ensures the color of depositing well on hair without any mineral or product build-up.You don't want to do this on the same day of your color service, as you want the scalp's natural oils to protect it from irritation. Try shampooing two days before your color appointment. Also take into consideration that clarifying shampoos can also fade hair color, so if you have dyed hair, you only want to use one shampoo when you're about to go in for a touch-up.

4) Pre Masque Treatment.

Your weekly deep-conditioning treatment is going to deep-condition a lot better it doesn't have to fight through layers of product to get to your hair strands. It also makes for a nice little weekly ritual if you do 'em both together: clarify, and then deep-condition. The deep-conditioning will also help return your hair to a softer, silkier state. 

5) Restart Your Hair Regimen.

If your hair is just all-around looking lifeless lately—refusing to behave and it's a bad hair day every day—then a clarifying wash could do the trick. At any rate, it'll remove any build-up of whatever it was you were using to tame it, so you can start back at square one with a clean slate. 

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