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4 Common Hair Problems Solved!

From static and flyaways to dryness and frizz, hair problems are a dime a dozen…but they don’t have to be!Want to learn more? Keep reading for a few simple solutions to the most common hair problems!

Dullness & Lack of Shine

Shiny hair is the mark of healthy hair for most of us, but between environmental factors and our styling habits, we can dull that shine fast. The first step in getting it back is a hydrating hair care routine. Hydrated hair is happy hair and happy hair looks healthy. Washing with steamy water can strip the hair of its natural oils, instead use a cooler temperature which helps keeps the cuticle close and helps hair to reflect its shine. After washing use a Hydrating Leave-In. J'Noir Nourishing Hydrating Leave-In and try to allow your hair to air-dry as often as possible to avoid the drying and dulling effects of heat styling.

Dryness & Frizz

when Summer heats up and the humidity is on a rise, frizz takes that top spot. Caused by a lack of moisture in the hair strand, frizz occurs when the hair’s cuticle opens and seeks moisture from the air around it. To combat it you need to first combat dryness. Start a hydrating hair care routine and use weekly J'Noir Deep Repair-Masque to replenish moisture. Try to lay off the heat styling which can be extra drying and instead use J'Noir Nourishing Hydrating leave-in conditioner and allow your locks to air dry—embracing your natural texture is very in these days!

Split Ends & Breakage

Nothing screams unhealthy hair quite as loudly as split ends and breakage. While regular trims are the only way to truly nip those splits in the bud—make an appointment every 4-6 weeks at the salon!—there are steps you can take in-between trims to keep splits at bay. First, you’ll want to keep your hair hydrated by always using a conditioner after your shampoo! Next, you’ll want to lay off the heat styling which is one of the leading causes of damage. If you must heat style always always, always! use a heat protectant product first to create a barrier between your delicate strand and the scalding hot temperatures of your tool.

Static & Flyaways

Whether caused by a lack of humidity in the air—or by a bad case of hat head—static and flyaways can quickly turn a gorgeous style into an embarrassing mess. This hair problem is quite common during the winter months when the humidity takes a nosedive and our hair becomes more dry than usual. To combat hair static you’ll want to embrace a hydrating hair care routine so your locks stay moisturized and flyaway-free. Use J'Noir Deep Repair Hair Masque once a week to keep your hair nourished.

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